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If convicted, DUIs can follow you for a lifetime. Get the proper representation you deserve in your DUI case in Cambridge Moline, IL & Rock Island County, IL. Schedule an appointment with The Law Office of Aaron Dyer today.

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If you have been arrested for drug trafficking in Moline or the surrounding areas, you need an attorney that has experience fighting Henry County drug trafficking cases - you need Aaron Dyer as your criminal defense attorney.

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Whether you were arrested for driving with a suspended license or a more serious charge such as assault, domestic violence or even murder, The Law Office of Aaron Dyer can represent you in your criminal case. Learn more about our criminal defense services here.

Get the Proper Criminal Defense | Serving Cambridge, Moline, and Rock Island County, IL

Have you been arrested for a criminal act or found yourself in an unlucky legal situation in Cambridge or Moline, IL? You need to find proper legal representation to ensure that you have a fighting chance to win your criminal case in court. You need someone with unparalleled experience representing clients in criminal cases in Cambridge and Moline, IL. You need Aaron Dyer, Attorney at Law.

Aaron Dyer has represented citizens just like you and fights to win criminal cases in Cambridge, Moline, and Rock Island County IL. Whether you were charged in a domestic violence dispute, sexual assault, or even murder, Aaron Dyer can help. Don't wait. Schedule an appointment with Aaron Dyer, Attorney at Law today.

DUI Cases

Don't let one night on the town ruin the rest of your life. If convicted of DUI, it will likely not only cost you your driving privileges, it could result in losing your job, time due to community service and thousands in fines and insurance premiums. Don't let this happen to you. Schedule a free consultation with Aaron Dyer today.

Henry Country Drug Trafficking

Many drug related arrest in Henry County, IL are met with the strictest hand of the law. If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance, delivery or manufacturing of a controlled substance in Henry County, you can't afford to have the wrong legal representation in the courtroom. Schedule an appointment with Aaron Dyer today. He has extensive experience fighting and winning drug trafficking criminal cases in Cambridge and Moline, IL. Call today.

Asset Forfeiture Prosecutor

Asset forfeiture is the act of taking property that was acquired by criminal acts, criminal activity or bought with the money made from a crime. In most cases, citizens that have been affected by asset forfeiture will not get their property back unless they are represented by a criminal attorney who is also an asset forfeiture prosecutor. Aaron Dyer is not only an experienced and successful Moline, IN criminal defense attorney but he also has experience as an asset forfeiture prosecutor. Let's get back what is rightfully yours. Call Aaron Dyer today.

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